Use Your Imagination

Trina Lynne/ April 19, 2017/ Entrepreneurs, Writer Advice/ 0 comments

When writing you MUST use that imagination. Whether writing as a business or writing to enhance your business, a healthy imagination is one of the keys to success.

As a girl, people would say I had an “overactive imagination” when they read my writing or heard story ideas. These two simple words discouraged me and the fear of my vast imagination carried into my writing when I started my career. I had to get over those two words to create some of my greatest work.

We sometimes allow the opinions of others to hinder our imagination and in turn, it crushes our creativity. In some instances, we sike ourselves out of having a healthy imagination because we can’t see the big picture.

Is your imagination limited due to your limiting beliefs? Do you see your BIG PICTURE, but you’re afraid people will mock or judge you? Do you need help kick starting the light bulb of your imagination?

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