Giving Up Is Not An Option

Trina Lynne/ April 8, 2017/ Entrepreneurs, Writer Advice/ 0 comments

Whether you’re working on a novel or creating copy for your business, having the ability to write is essential. However, writing may seem difficult, but you must keep going.

Early on in my career, I would be ready to give up all the time. Whether I was writing a story or copy for my website, I would allow myself to get frustrated. Each time I wanted to give up, though, I remembered why I did what I did and giving up wasn’t an option.

We all hit roadblocks and stare at the possibility of giving up. It’s a brief moment of weakness but that’s just it. The feeling should never last longer than a moment.

Have you ever felt like giving up on your writing? Did you struggle a little too long on that blog post? Is the rough draft of your story bumming you out?

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