Manuscript Makeover

Manuscript Makeover

Have you finished your manuscript and don’t know what to do next?

Is there a book you’ve previously published but want to revamp for a bigger audience?

Are you desperately trying to get your head in the game but you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Welp, stop all your worrying RIGHT NOW!


Get Your Mindset Right


First things first, you must get your mindset in order aka get your head in the game. You will never be able to ignite your manuscript in a way that suits you without being in the right headspace.

Having the right mindset going into your project ensures that it will be just as amazing as you are, inside and out.

Trust me, honey, you need to be THE BEST YOU to become an amazing writer.

The Manuscript Makeover Program will help you get your mind right.


Get Your Words in Shape


The editing phase of any project can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. It can be even more intimidating if you are too in love with the first, or even second, draft.

You have to be prepared to take things out, put things in and get your manuscript to the perfection that will make you feel like you’ve just written that best seller you’re hoping for. You’ve got to whip it into shape.

Don’t be afraid to edit – it’s all part of the process and you must be absolutely ready, willing and able to get it done.

The Manuscript Makeover Program will help you get your work in tip top shape.


Let 'Em Know Who You Are


Imagine you’ve written the world’s greatest book and then it’s published to…….crickets.


Don’t think for a minute that you can publish a book and everyone is gonna flock to it like a moth to a flame. This kind of luck comes with the J.K. Rowlings and James Pattersons of the world. And they even let people know a book is about to be released.

You have to get out there and tell them who you are and what your book is all about.

Who are they, you ask.

They are the hundreds, thousands, and millions of fans who want to buy into you but don’t know who YOU are.

The Manuscript Makeover Program will help you let ’em know who you are and never forget it.


You're Never Alone


Everyone knows that writing can be a lonely existence.

However, the process that follows doesn’t have to be lonely at all.

You need someone who can assist you. Someone who can be right by your side.

You didn’t think I would leave you alone, did you? Of course, I wasn’t.

We are going to get your mindset in order, whip that manuscript into shape and let ’em all know exactly who you are. And we’re going to do it together.

Do you know WHY?


In the Manuscript Makeover Program, you will never be alone and left to your own devices.


What’s Included:

– 12 weeks of 1-on-1 assistance with your manuscript

– Minimum of 3-rounds of edits

– Preparation for traditional and/or self-publishing options

– 24/7 access to me for any questions or concerns

– Weekly update session to ensure everyone is on the same page

– Worksheets to jumpstart audience engagement, social media content, and more platform building exercises

– Manuscript Makeover Checklist – A $7 Value – Totally FREE!!!

– Jumpstart Your Diva Status Handbook – A $19 Value – Totally FREE!!!


What Are You Waiting For?

Do you need some sort of invitation to take control of your literary future?

Welp, you’re not going to get that from me.

You need to take the first step yourself and be READY to become the awesome writer you want to be.

I’m not here to beg you to reach your highest goals. I’m not here to give you 99 reasons why you need this program.

If this is the program for you, you’ll know it immediately. And if you feel iffy, you can always talk to me about it. However, like I said, don’t expect me to drag you through the door.

Do YOU want to get YOUR manuscript in order?

Do YOU want an editor who will walk with you through the editing process?

Do YOU want to get rid of all the stuff that’s been holding you back?

Do YOU want hundreds, thousands, or millions of adoring fans?

If YOU want any or all of these things, The Manuscript Makeover is RIGHT FOR YOU!!!

Make Over My Manuscript