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Within the writer advice category you will find awesome tips and tricks that will send your literary career to the next level.

It is our duty and pleasure to assist with as much writer advice as possible. While it can be used towards your writing, the aid and encouragement given are to help you – the person behind the writing. This includes, but is not limited to, building your platform and developing your self-editing skills. When all is said in done you will rock as a writer.

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Taking Ambitious Endeavors to New Heights

It is such an exciting day. Ambitious Endeavors is going to a new level with the help of you, the wonderful and adoring fans. With the help of Patreon, you will be able to support the efforts to make Ambitious Endeavors the leading choice for women writers & entrepreneurs. If you’re wondering, “What do I get out of the deal?”, you’re

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Get Outside The Box

Do you sit in your box? You know, that box where things are familiar. That box where you are most comfortable and everything is everything. I sat in my box for years and years. It was so comfy and familiar and warm. I loved, loved, loved my box. But my box wasn’t allowing me the opportunities I knew I needed.

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Invest In You

When I first started out, I was afraid to invest in myself. Yep. I was nervous about spending money and time. I would let opportunities pass me by because I didn’t see the value or importance of investing in me. Now, I spend as much time, effort, and money I have to spare. And sometimes I’ve gotta make a split

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Compare Yourself to No One

I have spent tons of time comparing myself to others over the years. Those who have started before me and those who have started after me. I’ve found myself holding my work and my worth against what they have done or are doing. Sometimes we compete with others knowingly or unknowingly. We will devalue our own worth based on the

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Gratitude is Key

How often do you show gratitude? Once a day, once a week, once a month? Or do you not show gratitude at all. Don’t worry. I don’t judge. Acknowledging there is a greater power than you at work can increase in the possibilities. When you throw your gratitude out into the universe, the universe throws back its appreciation. It’s a

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Appreciate Your Fans

I’m pretty sure you have those folks that like, share, and comment on the things you post. If you’re lucky, you have folks that ALWAYS interact with your FB/IG posts, tweets, pins, and ANYTHING else you share on the internet. You may not know this but, each like, share, and comment is a way of showing you, your business, and

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You Don’t Need Permission

For a long time, I thought I needed other’s to be okay with what I was doing to move forward. I thought, “If so and so shows me support or tells me I’m doing the right thing, I’ll be able to be successful”.  Sometimes we believe we need validation from our family and/or friends before following our dreams. We forget

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Celebrate Small Successes

Every time you do something that gets you closer to your goals give yourself a celebration.  No – I don’t mean have a party. Give yourself a treat, play a game, buy something you’ve wanted, take time leisurely reading, etc.  Celebrate each time: – you make a call you’ve been avoiding – you step outside your comfort zone – you

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