6 Misconceptions About Writer’s Block

6 Misconceptions About Writer’s Block

There are many misconceptions about writer’s block floating around. And if you don’t know better, some of them can worry you. I’m here to tell you there is nothing to fear. As long as you are aware of these misconceptions, you can avoid writer’s block and keep moving forward to your goals of being a great writer.

November: The Month of Writing

For those who spend the entire year toiling about writing the novel they just can’t seem to get to, November is the month of writing. Not to say that you shouldn’t write any other month, but this month is the one where you can be encouraged and supported by folks from all over. What is this awesome inspiration, you ask.

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Many new and aspiring writers are self-conscience. They are more critical about the words they write than the toughest, meanest book reviewer. To be honest, many seasoned writers are still apprehensive about their work, but they’ve managed to get past it or work through it.