This is NOT your typical About Page. I’m going to put that out there right now.

So, if that’s what you were hoping for…Sorry!


In The Beginning

To be completely honest, Ambitious Endeavors was an accident.


The idea came when I first introduced my writing career on Facebook. I created a group and named it, “Trina Lynne the Writer”. Lame, huh?

Well, my baby sister thought so.

Her exact words were, “You’re better than that.”

So I went back to the drawing board, really thinking about what writing meant to me.

I combed through the thesaurus, looking up words that described how I felt about the type of career I wanted to have. The words that popped up would be the beginning of something absolutely amazing.


It was perfect.

My dreams have always been larger than the average person when it came to my writing. Also, when you’re trying to reach a goal as incredible as mine these are the only words that could accurately describe my fire.

And with that, my baby was born.


If You Don’t Nurture A Baby, They Don’t Grow

Welp, I had my name and I had an idea of what I wanted to do but absolutely no plan.

For 7 long, long, long, long, long, long, LONG years, I had nothing.

I’m so serious!!!

Ambitious Endeavors went through so many changes I lost count. And there was nothing to show for the idea I hatched off accidental awesomeness.

The problem was, Ambitious Endeavors had no identity of its own.

Too much time was spent intertwining the business I knew I wanted with my personal writing goals.

The business was supposed to help other writers but I spent those years fearing the competition. Ambitious Endeavors was paralyzed, unmovable and inactive.

It was a sad, sad existence.

Don’t get me wrong! I took classes and read books on business. But I wasn’t implementing the things I was learning, mostly because I had no idea what I actually needed to do.

I also found that I was not only scared I wouldn’t be able to get the following that many writing sites I liked had, but I was scared of the people I was learning from.

Double bubble.

It was ugly and just when I was on the brink of giving up something scary and amazing happened.


The Resurrection From Obscurity

In 2016, I got to my breaking point and decided, hook or crook, I was going to bring Ambitious Endeavors out of the shadows.

I immediately stopped paying attention to other entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Well, not entirely.

I totally said screw the “inner circle” of online entrepreneurs, deciding to follow and read up on those whose ads I never saw plastered all over Facebook and Instagram all the time.

The other thing I did that helped Ambitious Endeavors tremendously was taking my learning offline. I went back to basics and got some awesome books that were accredited by some of the leading business men and women.

In the midst of my no-nonsense learning, I found an absolutely amazing business coach.

Meeting this inspiring woman would be just what Ambitious Endeavors needed.


New Light & Life For Ambitious Endeavors

With the help of a one-of-a-kind business coach, Ambitious Endeavors began to breathe life again.

There was this new found understanding of what I truly wanted to do with this business. And as always, I wanted to help writers reach their ultimate goals.

However, it wasn’t as simple as that.

My vision was a bit different than just helping writers.

I would create Ambitious Endeavors in a way that spoke to who I truly am – a pretty cool writer and entrepreneur.

Ambitious Endeavors was birthed from an incredibly amazing entrepreneur that wants to reach goals that most people DON’T put on their bucket lists.

So it came to fruition that Ambitious Endeavors would help the writers that had similar dreams and aspirations. Those writers who wanted their writing to be their business and those entrepreneurs who wanted writing to further their businesses.

And here we are…

Pretty cool story, right?

Aren’t you glad you didn’t sit around reading another lame About Page!


Stay tuned for more to the story.

I’m sure you’ll help add to the legacy of Ambitious Endeavors.


Always remember:

If the sky is the limit, why are you still on the ground? DO THE WORK!!!

Your Illustrious Coach,

Trina Lynne

Trina Lynne, Editor & Writing Coach