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Trina Lynne/ September 22, 2017/ Entrepreneurs, Writers/ 0 comments

I’ve been struggling lately. Yes. Me.
Since before my surgery I haven’t been allowed to workout. I also slacked off on my morning prayer. And I’ve been waking up later. (Don’t Judge?)
So, I’ve been beating myself up about it. But last night I told myself I would start Monday.
I woke up with the Adhan (call to prayer) at 5:40 AM. I started to lay back down. And then decided to read. Once I was done I was wide awake. So I got dressed, wrote in my journals, and headed to the gym.
I worked out harder than I ever had and I FEEL AMAZING!!!!
We tell ourselves we’re going to to do something at a certain time but we don’t always follow through. All we need to do is Just Do It. 
What about you? 
Is there something you’ve been avoiding? Do you keep telling yourself you will accomplish something and don’t do it? Are you beating yourself up for something you could accomplish right now?

Talk to me. Leave a comment below.

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