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Do you sit in your box? You know, that box where things are familiar. That box where you are most comfortable and everything is everything.
I sat in my box for years and years. It was so comfy and familiar and warm. I loved, loved, loved my box. But my box wasn’t allowing me the opportunities I knew I needed.
So I started peaking out of my box here and there. Oh boy! It was scary. There were so many different people, different things, and too many unknowns.
So I went back in my box. I ran back in there.
But then I realized, again, the things I needed were outside the box. The things I wanted were outside the box. The people I needed to get to know, the resources I needed, the stuff that was cool were all outside the box.
So I got out of my box. I crept out and darted right back in.
Then I had a conversation with myself and said, “Trina, you’ve got to go out there or you might as well give up”. Well, I didn’t wanna give up.
I took a deep breath. Well, multiple deep breaths. 

And then I darted out the box. When I did, I turned around and torched my box so I could no longer go hide in it.
We think our “box” will keep us safe. But in reality the box is a defense mechanism and we will use it to keep away fear. We hide, not only from our fears, but we hide from possibilities at the same time.
So, if you have a box, it may be time to set it ablaze. Get rid of it so you can be your better self. 

What would it take for you to get out of your box? What would it take for you to get rid of your box completely?
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