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​I despise sales pages. 
Creating a sales page takes a lot of effort and you must be meticulous. While sales pages help my business, I am not a fan of putting them together. Creating a sales page takes all day and by the end of it I’m mentally drained.
However, yesterday I made up my mind to offer all coaching and editing services for one low, flat rate. And you know what that means…I had to create a sales page. ?
Ironically, it took me about 2 hours to create the sales page, add appropriate links to my calendar and Paypal, and create graphics for it. I even had time to create an animated ad which linked to the page.
It was a breeze.
What was the difference between any other time I create a sales page and yesterday?
I made up my mind to do it. I didn’t hem and haw about how I hated making a sales page – I just did it. And that made all the difference.
We sometimes hate the things we need to do in order to further our writing or business. Instead of just getting things done we think about how much we don’t want to do it. Which in return makes the task that much more daunting.
We tend to make a big deal out of nothing. We never realize if we stopped complaining about how much we don’t like doing something and just get it done, we may find it’s not that bad.
What about you?
Is there something within your life, your writing or your business that you don’t like to do but know you need to do it?
Do you take a long time getting things done that could take a shorter amount of time? (Like the sales pages that usually take me all day, but miraculously took 2 hours when I stopped making a big deal out of them. ?)
What task could you do right now that you’ve been putting off?
Leave a comment below. 

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