Gratitude is Key

Trina Lynne/ September 17, 2017/ Entrepreneurs, Writer Advice/ 0 comments

How often do you show gratitude? Once a day, once a week, once a month? Or do you not show gratitude at all.
Don’t worry. I don’t judge.
Acknowledging there is a greater power than you at work can increase in the possibilities. When you throw your gratitude out into the universe, the universe throws back its appreciation.
It’s a case of reciprocity.
Going about your business, assuming it’s all about you and all done by you can significantly stunt your growth and the growth of your business.
So, when you first get up and before you head to bed, write down what you’re thankful for. This practice can help center you for the entire day and send you sweet dreams at night.
I use a gratitude journal each morning to record the things I’m grateful for. It really helps start my day. 
So why not give it a try and report back here. Let us know how it worked out. Or if you already have a practice for showing gratitude, share with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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