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Welcome to Ambitious Endeavors, your one-stop shop for ideas, tricks, tools, and tips that will inspire as you work toward your writing goals.

You’ll find posts about writing and platform building, best practices and habits, as well as a laundry list of prompts and exercises to jumpstart any writing project. Whether you want to start something new or improve on a current or backlogged piece, you’re in the right place.




Why Are You Still On The Ground

Ambitious Endeavors’ mission is to share helpful information that is inspirational and produces positive productivity.

Ambitious Endeavors works personally with women writers and entrepreneurs to enhance their writing skills. With proven strategies, we teach the techniques needed to create content that converts into leads and eventually sales. Ambitious Endeavors believes that you do NOT have to be an author in order to create legacy worthy content.



Don't be afraid to fail

So often writers find themselves staring at a blank screen.

Don’t worry! It’s not just you. We all have this same issue.

The way you get around “blank screen” syndrome is to always write something…even if it’s not what you were expecting to write.

Jump-starting your creative juices may be as simple as a boost to your confidence. And we’re here to help.

Learn how to boost your confidence.



I am a brand


If you want people to read your work, they have to know about your work. If they don’t know about your work, they probably won’t know to pick it up or when and where.

The best thing to do when starting out is to make sure that you are building your platform.

If you don’t have one yet, that’s okay.

Getting yourself out there can be simple for some and completely horrifying for others.

No worries.

With the right help, you can learn how to effectively build your platform which will increase your audience.



Every Step Of The Way

Everyone gets that lonely feeling when putting together that book or building up their business.

No one should ever FEEL alone.

Know that, you never have to feel like there is no one out there that knows what you’re going through or dealing with.

If you need a group of supportive women writers & entrepreneurs to vibe with, I recommend the Ambitious Endeavors Facebook Group.